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Marlene Abdallah

Marlene Abdallah

A handcraft designer who inherited talent at early childhood, at the first stage Marlene started out by designing basic artistic souvenirs gifts, until she became famous with designing elegant and unique designs. Received a diploma in interior design in addition to participating in several courses in painting and sculpture as well as being actively involved in a variety of seminars on arts and businesses. Marlene’s designs reflect the true meaning of what could be the perfect mix of the authenticity of Arab heritage with a touch of  modernity, started her own workshop for crafts in 2009 at Beit Chocair.

Her innate talent generated a sense of social responsibility led her to incorporate handmade crafts created by the people from underprivileged backgrounds, into her designs in addition to giving a lot of workshops on a voluntary basis , on the other hand she instigated several community-based initiatives such as " Zilzal Al-Mahba" to promote artistic development in the community in order to encourage young people to value responsibility, so that they may ultimately contribute to bringing the best to the society.

Her Motto is "To help those who need help and who are willing to work."

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